With 2014 annual summary meeting in Beijing

Towe inheritance technology development co., LTD. 2014 annual summary meetings and on January 16, 2015 - January 18, with the meeting room for the company in Beijing. Conclusion meetings mainly includes four stages. Mainly: first, sales, training and technology projects. Second, the sales review meeting. Third, management and backbone staff meetings. Fourth, the staff meeting.



First is the meeting of the first stage of the sales and technology special training on January 16 morning, by the Chinese academy of railway sciences lightning protection experts, senior engineer Mr Qiu Chuanrui speaker, is the topic of the lecture "rail system lightning protection project".



Held a meeting in the afternoon of the second stage - sales meeting summary. First by the Zhou Huisheng summary, general manager of the company annual sales summary and sales system problems reflection; By the sales team again, head of the department for 14 years sales target completion report and summary; Finally by Zhou Huisheng general manager for lightning protection industry in China at present market situation, PDU industry market situation summary and analysis.


On January 17, management and backbone staff meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by Zhou Huisheng general manager. Each department department this year work summary, respectively to feedback and discussion on relevant issues. At last people in 2015, the company system construction related problems are discussed.




Summary of the last stage of meetings is all staff meeting, company staff to huairou, opens in Beijing huairou landscape fashion hotel conference room. Meeting with "construction and for the development of the new normal" as the theme. Meeting begins, Zhou Huisheng general manager to do the work summary in 2014 and 2015 work plan "of the work report, he reviewed in 2014 as the working course and the present achievements, and the comprehensive planning of 2015 development blueprint, then made for everyone with the construction for the development of the new normal" the theme of the speech. Benefit here, finally it is heartfelt expressed as a New Year greeting the staff. Weeks after the speech, the host jun-hong wang ms passion to read 2014 excellent employees, such as excellent team list. Company staff for winning good employees also presented the most sincere blessings and warm applause.



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