Towe exhibition Hanover, Germany "lightning protection science and technology" the podcast

As the world's major international science and technology industry exhibition - 2015 Hanover, consumer electronics, information and communication exposition (hereinafter referred to as CeBIT2015) on March 16 to 20, was called in Hanover, Germany, manufacturers and industry experts from around the world gathered here, among them, with "innovation, integration, cooperation" as the theme of China pavilion, "as" in Beijing for the first time to attend the event, with our advanced technology and innovative products, and products has received the praise of the industry at home and abroad. Towe exhibition Hanover, Germany "lightning protection science and technology" the podcast.




In the exhibition, we received from Mongolia, the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Romania, the Netherlands, Poland, the united Arab emirates, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, mozambique, France, Portugal, Ireland, Iran, Kuwait, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Angola, Algeria, horse, Qatar, India, and other dozens of countries such as Portugal, costa rica overseas customers. Because our products are widely used in large data, cloud computing, computer room, information technology, finance, security, communications, and other fields, guarantee product quality, excellent after-sales service, to our customers all over the world. With the brand product quality reach the European level, at the conference, national technical experts and buyers to praise the quality of our products are fine.




Show the penultimate day we attracted Harish sample list from India, customer samples and our products just coincide, after communication with the company, all meet the demand of technology parameter, on-site customer is complete sample list, and said the cooperation that is full of confidence. Harish has branches in the united Arab emirates and other countries. We are looking forward to can more cooperation with the company in the future. Experts from France, Germany and the United States, my friend, our products on the fair, agrees, and look forward to our lightning protection and PDU products can blossom in the overseas markets. The lightning protection technology out of China, China face to the world! Security youdao joins the world!

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