In 2015 New Year's greeting, the new normal, the new development



Respect of users and partners in Beijing:


Is comprehensively deepen the reform, the transformation of China in 2014 the first year of transition, government decentralization, anti-corruption, which are also beginning to adjust economic structure, the periphery environment change, also bring certain impact to our company, at the same time, also bring us more opportunities, of course, this needs us to update the way of thinking, also want to follow the external environment to change, find the environment suitable for their own development mode, to keep pace with The Times!


At the end of 2014, the us could usher in a new and hopeful in 2015, whenever this time, everyone to count each enterprise profit and loss over the past year, but we think more is gratitude, thank you for the past year, our biggest support across the country more than 300000 users and partners, and our colleagues, thank you for your tolerance and understanding, thank you for your hard work and pay!


In this year, our business grow, various industries products get the anticipated target, overall growth to exceed 30%, further enhance product, service, and improvement of electricity business model became clear and stable. But at the same time we also deeply feel there are still many deficiencies, we will do our best to improve, because we know that today's result has not come easily, we will cherish!


Is about to open in 2015, will be in Beijing as the change is the biggest ever for a year, we will be made on the product, business model, business integration new initiatives, which will bring new business opportunities, to our partners bring to our users in the use of new experience and value, I believe that under the joint efforts of all the same human, 2015 more colorful!


Passion and sweat achievement in the past, the wisdom and tenacity molded future. In the New Year, TOWE will continue to play to technology, service and brand advantage, innovate, create value for customers!


Finally, thank from all walks of life tongren support for TOWE, as always, look forward to in the New Year to have more cooperation with you!



                                                                                                 Beijing with the founder: Zhou Huisheng

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