Towe is a leading supplier in the field of lightning protection areas and electrical safety, dedicated to provide customers with a variety of advanced technology, safe and reliable quality products and services, the main products are surge protector (SPD), power distribution unit (PDU) and security intelligent electrical products three categories, the complete solution to improve the information technology equipment and various industrial equipment, manageability, availability and security. For customers to create long-term value and potential growth.


Company management headquarters is located in Beijing zhongguancun high technology and new technology industry development zone, in east China (Shanghai), south China (guangzhou), central China (wuhan), southwest (chengdu) established four regional sales and technical service center. Company sets product development center and laboratory, in the state of it in jiangxi ji industrial zone covers an area of 30000 square meters of production base, with independent intellectual property products with international standards, and has applied for many national patents. Since its establishment, the company has developed more than 1000 is used to protect all kinds of industrial, commercial and family environment of electronic equipment products and system solutions, to meet customer demand for the safety protection of electronic equipment - including, quite a number of products with industry leading position. Greater advantage is that we can according to the complex environment and the special request rapid customization and seamless connection requirements of professional products.



Beijing as the operating system as built by Beijing science and technology development co., LTD., Beijing as Simon technology co., LTD and Jiang Xitong for science and technology co., LTD, the former has issued by the China meteorological administration class a qualification of lightning protection engineering design and construction, mainly to provide national large and medium-sized professional lightning protection engineering design and construction, technical support, project sales and service, etc.; The person liable for product research and development, sales and technical services, the latter Jiang Xitong as production base for TOWE all series products production and after-sales service. TOWE surge protector series (SPD), power distribution unit (PDU) and ansett treasure (Angelpower) series electrical safety products on the market has become the famous brand products industry.


As the leader of the industry, we try our best to provide customers with the best products, solutions and services, customer satisfaction and customer competitiveness improvement is the guiding principle of our work. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001 ‐ 2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Our marketing and service network throughout the country, for thousands of users to provide fast, high-quality products and services, our products and solutions have been widely used in electric power, telecommunications, finance, government, education, health, petrochemical, transportation and railway industries. It is worth mentioning that there are tens of thousands of sets of TOWE product successfully applied in 2008 the 29th Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai world expo, the guangzhou Asian games, through the test, to witness the glory.



The development course

Filled in October 2012, the first phase of the production base of jiangxi province construction completed and put into production, the scale and facilities at the domestic leading level.


Left in March 2012, the group company senior staff to visit and investigation.


Filled in August 2011, the series "10 years of fellow, built in one hundred," the company celebration to mark the 10th anniversary of and feedback customer service and other activities.


Filled in April 2011, as the lightning protection of famous enterprises in China, the founding conference to attend the China council for the thunder and lightning and was elected to the committee member units.


Filled in December 2010, the company has successively by the Beijing meteorological bureau and the China meteorological administration expert group review, get the class a qualification of lightning protection engineering design and construction.


Filled in August 2010, the company's products are successfully applied in the Shanghai world expo and the guangzhou Asian games venues, and systems.


Filled in June 2010, the company has developed a home and units user oriented ansett series products, marks the company began to enter the new market segments.


Filled in May 2010, to increase the capacity and the introduction of new product lines, covering an area of 30000 square meters of production base of jiangxi province started the preparation.


Left in March 2010, developed based on the new energy system (series) of wind power and photovoltaic power surge protector.


Filled in December 2009, Beijing as by the occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system certification.


Filled in September 2009, the company for the 60th anniversary of the republic of daqing tiananmen lightning protection products and engineering services at the scene of the parade.


Filled in September 2009, the company was invited to attend the 11th annual meeting of China association for science and technology, and the first breakout international lightning protection and disaster mitigation in BBS publishing company's latest product.


Filled in September 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games, paralympic games ended smoothly, after many times of thunderstorms, TOWE products undergo the test.


Filled in May 2008, nearly 2008 sets of products used in Beijing Olympic venue construction, information system supporting services.


Left in March 2008, my company surge protector products (SPD) and the power distribution unit (PDU) successfully obtained CE certification, to enter the international market.


Filled in December 2007, the company set up respectively in wuhan, chongqing office, and further improve the nationwide sales and service system.


Filled in May 2007, the company has introduced the international level of 10/350 waveform B and B + C level products, and through the national certification.


Filled in August 2006, the fifth anniversary celebration series activities, and through ISO9001:2000 certification.


Filled in July 2006, the company in the domestic first to launch 1000 m Ethernet surge protector, continue to maintain industry leading position.


Left in March 2005 and may, the company was set up in guangzhou and Shanghai office respectively, and form a nationwide sales and service system.


Filled in September 2004, introduced the domestic initiative, the international leading intelligent PDU products, become a domestic leading a full range of PDU products supplier.


Left in March 2004, the company launched comprehensive TOWE lightning protection solutions, products covered by the power supply, signal, lightning, grounding, power distribution, and other fields.


Become one of the few domestic product development production, engineering design and construction in a body specialized company.


Filled in October 2003, the company with many years of technical accumulation, through expert review, access to the national lightning protection engineering design and construction of double b qualification.


Filled in May 2003, the company launched the first power surge protector and through the Beijing lightning protection device test center testing.


Filled in May 2002, developed the world's first paragraph based on the rack installation of charged surge protection of power distribution unit (PDU), also won the national patent.


Filled in November 2001, the strategic cooperative partnership with SIEMENS as lightning protection products, SIEMENS lightning protection product Beijing service center is established.


Left on August 23, 2001, in order to high-tech enterprise registered in Beijing zhongguancun high-tech park




Foreign cooperation


We with SIEMENS, APC, EPCOS, AMP, TI, world class companies such as MOTOROLA, HP has the good cooperation, and SIEMENS (SIEMENS) strategic partnership in the field of lightning protection products, set up service center in Beijing, SIEMENS lightning protection products for SIEMENS lightning protection products provide logistics, technical support and after-sales service. With tsinghua university, Beijing university of science and technology, north China electric power university, national electric power research institute, ministry of information industry, telecommunications academy and other colleges and universities and research institutes to form transformation of scientific and technological achievements of strategic alliance. Through the multi-level cooperation to promote our development capability of innovation, establish our industry leading position.


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