TOWE is committed to providing customers with high quality service, rapid response, the correct solution and efficient on-site processing is our service tenet. TOWE has a team of skillful and experienced engineers, provide service on call 24 hours. Professional customer service staff and adequate spare parts will be quick response demand for your services, will damage to reduce to the smallest degree. We are able to provide users with a variety of services varieties, from on-site service, returned to the factory maintenance to the basic service and spare parts, from the debugging and parameter is set to the system upgrade, customized value-added service for the customer, product range covers the whole world of SPD, PDU products.

1, how to get service?


You can log on to, click on the right side of the online consulting, can choose you want dialogue in real-time communication in the page:

(1) click on the free call KOOCALL enter your telephone (fixed shinyanga, such as 01051266558, mobile phone can be directly input to enjoy free phone service.) Click the call button, directly related to my company personnel free calls consultation!

(2) instant messaging tool QQ, MSN, click on the head with his (her) have made instant communication;

(3) online customer service Without any plug-ins and start software, click on the relevant head of real-time online communication with customer service staff


Through my company's other contact way, such as: email, phone, fax, short message service platform and other online services, such as detailed in contact us.


2, TOWE can provide you with what service?


A, pre-sale service

1, material: towe will supply free users and contract partners: product technical manuals, lightning protection and grounding products industry solutions.

2, consulting: partners, customers, signed the related technical problems in TOWE application can through the network/phone/fax/E-mail for help, in the form of TOWE service personnel will respond in a timely manner.

3, training, and contract partners to provide technical training for the user (lecture).

4, design: the complex of the project bidding or follow up, towe, signing partner for the user to give full support in terms of the design.


Second, the on-site service

1, field exploration: for the user, signing partners to provide on-site service

2, on-site installation instructions for the user, signing partners provide on-site installation guidance service

3, project construction: according to user requirements, we also provide from the scheme design, site construction, maintenance and inspection package systems engineering services

4, on-site training for users, signing partners to provide on-site operation maintenance and emergency situation of basic training.


Third, after-sales service

1, product warranty, change: see TOWE for specific product warranty, details of this consignment

2, incident response: provide 7 * 24 hours service hotline to provide various service for you at the first time

3, engineering inspection: the construction project, directly by the towe in product warranty period, we will provide free annual inspection services

4, product insurance: TOWE products have been to China's ping an insurance company insurance products liability insurance, the user equipment damage caused by TOWE product quality reason, by the China ping an insurance company to undertake economic liability to pay compensation.

5, outside the warranty period the warranty: preserved with unscheduled TOWE product maintenance, charge cost

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